Spartasec Ltd helps you protect the people and things you value most. For your security count on our expertise. Choose a service provider that understands your industry needs. Spartasec Ltd will help you examine all risky areas in your business and operations for both inside and outside the organisation.

  1. Spartasec Ltd has been recommended by Uganda Police for best performance on management of equipment and staffs.
  • Clear records on fire arms and transportain of guards to and from work place.
  1. Exceptional treatment given to our staff and payment of salaries in a timely manner.
  2. Timely payment of NSSF, Insurance, free uniforms, accommodation, meals and medical care.
  3. Clean records with Government taxes e.g. VAT, PAYE, operator’s license etc.
  • Well facilitated and established training wing that produces qualified security personnel that forms up Spartasec Squad
  1. Strategically located next to Uganda Police Head Quarters for easy access to clients and Police inspection.
  2. Various experiences of over 20 years in private security organizations with professional management and well-built team organization.
  3. Compliant to Human Rights, gives equal rights to all applicants and does not discriminate people basing on HIV/AIDS status, gender, religion or sex.
  4. Established in 2008 with Board of Directors, experienced management team that has built the current team of experienced managers with over 800 personels and 50 junior and senior staff team.


  1. We ensures guards remain productive – Night and Day.
  2. Monitor guard routes and the times at which strategic points were visited.
  3. We always ensure our guards who are patrolling properly at all times!
  4. Our supervisors eliminate security problems.
  5. We provide extensive reports about guard activity.
  6. We focus patrol routes where and when you need them.