In today’s world drug traffickers use sophisticated methods to conceal and transport a wide array of illegal contraband and money. Drug detection dogs offer resourcefulness like no other tool in the location of such contraband. In an effort to assist agencies worldwide, we train our narcotic detection canines to be intense at locating the source of these odors. These detector canines are highly motivated dogs that clearly demonstrate a strong and positive indication. Each handler is required to be proficient on a written examination, and proficient on a practical team examination to receive a team certification.

Detection dogs are a cost effective way to ensure security. For security at your event or venue: we send you highly trained Spartasec K9 handlers teamed up with skilled explosives or narcotics detection dogs.


Detection dog teams for high security venues. Our K9 detection teams will search:
- Government buildings
- Cargo facilities
- Stadiums and conference facilities
- Seaports and ships
- Hotels & Restaurants
- Airports and aircraft
- Border Entry
- Big car Bonds (Coin)
- Arcades

On many occassions human beings are compromised buy crime syndicate groups but we can assure that our K9s can not be compromised.