We are government-approved and duly equipped to offer standard training to prospective security personnel. Training is provided to law enforcement personnel from districts across the country, private and corporate security personnel, and other professionals in the field. A rigorous curriculum includes firearms training, emergency management, and a host of other areas, including academic training, field operations, and simulated situations.

Specialized training techniques and programs, based on a thorough needs assessment, is available. When public agencies and private organizations partner with Spartasec to train their safety and security personnel, the result is meticulous preparation, flawless execution, and uncompromising excellence. In addition to the above core service areas, in select markets, Spartasec provides alarm monitoring and patrol services, as well as other specialized asset protection services that complement our clients’ need for both preventive and reactive security support. We also supply and train K9 units in law enforcement across a wide spectrum of applications.

Our highly skilling and thoroughly trained K9 section leaves nothing to chance and can handle the most precarious situations.